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Genetidyne’s new Genetibolic packing 16g of ingredients for post-workout


The candy protein brand Genetidyne has followed through on its promise that in 2017 fans can expect to see more complex style supplements. This week the brand has introduced an entirely new product called Genetibolic, a full dosed post-workout recovery formula.

The main goal behind the new Genetibolic is to boost recovery, which leads to better strength and muscle growth. Looking at its relatively straightforward formula, the supplement does indeed have all the tools to do just that, with well-known ingredients at solid doses.

16g of active ingredients

There is a total of seven main features to Genetibolic, that as mentioned are all commonly used supplement ingredients. From heaviest to lightest Genetidyne has packed the post-workout with a proven 5g of CreaPure creatine monohydrate, 4g of the mTOR activating leucine, 3g of glutamine, 2g of the leucine metabolite HMB, a gram each of taurine and betaine, and 1,000IU of vitamin D.


As you can see it is a pretty full on post-workout product, that could actually pass as a two in one formula. It could easily replace a creatine supplement seeing as it has a full dose of CreaPure, and then you get everything else in the formula that’ll help with the overall goal of Genetibolic, and that is increase recovery after your workout.

$35 for 30 workouts

Genetidyne has already made its latest products available for order through its own online store at Genetibolic is relatively well priced for what it contains at $40 for a full 30 serving tub, in the one Orange Kick flavor. If you move quickly you can, in fact, save 12% on the supplement, as to celebrate its release for the rest of the month you can use the coupon “5offbolic” and get $5 off.