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Goku Gains Review: Strong energy and focus, with a good amount pump

Goku Gains Review

Recently we got our hands on Furious Pete’s first ever pre-workout supplement from Furious Formulations, called Goku Gains. It is one of the most searched for products on our website, so it was about time we put it to the test in the gym.

DMHA powered formula

If you’ve seen the formula behind Goku Gains, it’s a relatively well put together pre-workout with proven ingredients for all sorts of effects. Some of the biggest features in the supplement include 4g of citrulline malate, 2.5g of betaine, and a handful of stimulants with TeaCrine, 350mg of caffeine, and the powerful DMHA.

Energy and focus

Like a lot of DMHA infused pre-workouts, Goku Gains doesn’t hit you too hard. Instead, it comes over you rather calmly, all while gradually building a strong sense of energy throughout your body. The energy does also build to quite a powerful amount 10 to 20 minutes after taking it, so even if you don’t get to the gym when it kicks, you won’t feel uncomfortable at any point.

In combination with the energy’s gradual, but powerful build, Goku Gains hits you with an equally solid amount of focus. The two really make for a great euphoric start to your workout as whether or not you begin lifting before the energy and focus kicks. They build to a nice semi-aggressive, workout focused drive, giving you an edge mentally and energy wise.

Goku Gains Review

To make Goku Gains’ energy and focus sound even more impressive, they tend to stay at a good level right throughout your workout and for a little longer after you finish. The pair of effects are actually the highlights of the pre-workout, as even though it does have a few other things going on, they stand out the most.

Dense pumps

The other benefits that are in the Goku Gains experience are muscle pumps and a small boost in performance. The pump is easily the more noticeable effect of the two as it helps give the muscle or muscles you’re working a strong, dense pump. It’s not as urgent or filling as pumps found in a few other pre-workouts, but you’ll definitely feel it plays a part in the back two thirds or half of your workout.

Lacking performance

As for the performance side of Goku Gains, as mentioned there isn’t much to it. If you try to push your intensity with heavy and complex sets you will find you run out of gas pretty quick. Goku Gains doesn’t really have that refueling ability or at least for very long, that you’ll find in more performance based pre-workouts for when you lift heavy with relatively average rest.

The product does help out by making you feel energetic, which is good on light and small to medium muscle exercises, making improved performance and endurance not so necessary. It does, however, create a bit of an imbalance when your tank is empty on bigger days, as you’ll find your strength and power fades despite the good energy and focus when you do an intense mix of compound movements.

Goku Gains Review

Incredible candy flavor

The one last area we need to touch on with Goku Gains is flavor, not something we typically bring up unless it’s good or bad. On this occasion, it’s because Goku Gains tastes incredible, or at least its Yummy Gummy Gasms does. The flavor has an impressive candy taste to it, comparable to the original candy brand MAN Sports, and its Sour Batch ISO-Amino.

Powerful and enjoyable

Overall Goku Gains is solid pre-workout that does not disappoint. While it does fall short in the performance department, the powerful energy and focus more than make up for it, with the increased muscle pumps giving it that little bit extra.

The Furious Pete pre-workout beats out a lot of major competitors such the popular Cellucor C4. Some of the supplements it’s most like would be Tim Muriello’s Spazmatic, MAN’s Game Day, or a slightly lighter version of the top rated Sparta Kraken and Kodiak Attack.

Review serving

For those interested this review is based on a slightly heaped scoop of Goku Gains. We didn’t find the product to be too much more effective when tested with a heaping scoop, although if you like a bit more caffeine than 350mg you could push it.