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Furious Pete unveils his DMHA powered pre-workout Goku Gains

goku gains

We’ve known for a while that Furious Pete’s supplement company Furious Formulations, was working on another product to go with its first release, the fat burner Furious Cuts. Hints and clues have been dropped over the past year or so, and now the brand has finally introduced its pre-workout Goku Gains. While we have seen our fair share of poorly put together fitness celebrity supplements, Furious Pete has certainly surprised us with this one.

If you’re wondering about the name of Furious Formulations’ Goku Gains, it does have a bit of a background. While it was of course originally inspired by the star of the Dragon Ball Universe, Furious Pete has been using the phrase “Goku Gains” on a handful of items in his Furious Apparel line. Being as catchy and unique as it is, it only makes sense that Pete puts it to good use in his supplements as well.

goku gains tee

Getting back onto the topic of the Goku Gains pre-workout, the big effects being promoted for it are energy, focus, and mind-muscle connection. Despite it sounding like the product is keeping things somewhat simple, it does feature ingredients for other effects such as increased pump, performance, and endurance.

As mentioned earlier the label for Goku Gains is quite packed, or at least compared to your typical celebrity supplement. The pre-workout features two blends, one transparent and the other a proprietary stimulant blend, which as we’ve said before is fair seeing as most brands want to keep their unique stimulant blends hidden from copycat competitors.

Some of the many highlights from the Goku Gains label include 4g of citrulline malate, the incredibly powerful and reliable stimulant DMHA, 2.5g betaine, TeaCrine theacrine, 300mg choline, and 150mg of elevATP. There are definitely a few more ingredients in the product as it features a total of 16, all of which you can see below in its mostly transparent facts panel.

Furious Pete’s Goku Gains

goku gains

To make Furious Pete and Furious Formulations’ big unveiling of Goku Gains that little bit more interesting, fans can also now pre-order the upcoming pre-workout. You’ll need to head to the Furious Formulations website to secure yourself a tub or two, with the price on the supplement being $39.99 for a full 20 servings. There is also a three tub pack that’ll save you around 15%, with two flavors to choose from in Yummy Gummy Gasms and Peach Mango Fandango.

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