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BPS Pharma’s limited edition Not4Pussy summer pre-workout is here

Not4Pussy Summa

After a good amount of teasers and minor detail drops, BPS Pharma has finally unveiled the full formula behind its new limited edition, Not4Pussy 1Once-A-Summa. For those that haven’t been following, the supplement is a different version of the German brand’s Not4Pussy pre-workout family and is only going to be available for this summer.

Previously we did have the full list of ingredients in the Not4Pussy Summa edition, however, we were missing half of the doses. In that list, we got the big reveal of the product’s primary stimulant which is AMP citrate, something that was popular a couple of years ago but has since slowly dropped out of the US market.

Full facts panel

For those that have been waiting to see the full facts panel for BPS Pharma’s latest pre-workout competitor, we have added it directly below. Not too surprisingly the supplement packs ingredients and doses for a complete experience including increased energy, focus, and muscle pumps. It does also look to be relatively stimulant heavy, so if you’re not a big fan of those types of pre-workouts maybe start at around half a serving.

Not4Pussy Summa

Some of the biggest highlights ingredient wise in the new Not4Pussy 1Once-A-Summa include caffeine at 360mg, 150mg of alpha-GPC, and 8mg of yohimbine. With the product’s label released, We also now know the doses of some of the pre-workout’s heavier features. That includes 3.5g of citrulline malate, which is without a ratio, so we don’t know how much of it is pure citrulline, 1.5g of HydroMax glycerol, and a potent 680mg of the star stimulant, AMP citrate.

Now available for €43

To go with today’s big label reveal of BPS Pharma’s Not4Pussy 1Once-A-Summa, the brand has also made the powerful pre-workout available for purchase. The supplement is now in stock through the official BPS online store at €42.90 (approx. $28 USD) for a full 22 serving tub, in the one Ugly Orange flavor. Being a German brand, BPS doesn’t obviously take orders from everywhere, unfortunately, with Germany and Austria being the only two countries it currently ships to.