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Not4Pussy 1Once-A-Summa edition powered by AMP Citrate

Not4Pussy Summa

As promised, the German supplement company BPS Pharma has released a bit more information on its limited edition pre-workout Not4Pussy 1Once-A-Summa edition, as we get that little bit closer to its launch. In our last update from the brand we could only confirm three ingredients for it, today however, we have the full list, although not all of the doses to go with them.

The major confirmation that has come in with the full ingredients list for the summer edition of Not4Pussy is we now know what its main stimulant is. We suspected the brand could go with something of the more hardcore variety such as DMAA or DMHA, and indeed it has.

Full list of ingredients

Firstly we’ll go over the ingredients in Not4Pussy 1Once-A-Summa that we don’t know doses for with citrulline malate, HydroMax, AMP citrate, tyrosine, agmatine, isopropanic acid, and coffeinum. A couple of those features should help give the pre-workout a good pump depending on doses, although it is the AMP citrate that’s the most interesting, as that is its central stimulant. Also, some of the ingredients may sound unfamiliar such as coffeinum which from what we understand is caffeine, but keep in mind this is a product from Germany.

Not4Pussy Summa

As for the other half of Not4Pussy 1Once-A-Summa’s formula, these are the ingredients we do know the doses of. You have 150mg of alpha-GPC, 70mg of Pycnogenol, a trademarked form of pine bark extract, 60mg of synephrine, 30mg of EGCG, 10mg of BioPerine black pepper, 8mg of yohimbine HCl, and 100mcg of lycopodium (club moss). With all of that in mind, it’s now fair to say the pre-workout will likely keep the Not4Pussy name strong as it looks like it packs quite the energy and focus fueled experience.

Complete reveal coming soon

The wait is now on for the final reveal of Not4Pussy 1Once-A-Summa, as it will be interesting to see what the other doses are. While it will no doubt pack a punch based on what we know so far, the doses of citrulline, HydroMax, and agmatine, will help give us an idea on how good the pump will be or if the supplement will be all stimulation.