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American Made launches a new, more powerful DMHA pre-workout

Pre-Workout Blackout

American Made Nutrtion has launched a new pre-workout for any of its fans that don’t think their current pre-workout formula is strong enough. The product is called Pre-Workout Blackout Edition, which features a number of different ingredients compared to the regular version.

The latest from American Made promises increased energy, superhuman focus, and skin stretching pumps. The Pre-Workout Blackout Edition formula does pack many ingredients to deliver that experience, although it is difficult to tell for most of them as only three have dosed confirmed.

Stimulant focused formula

The new American Made supplement is divided up into two non-transparent blends, one for performance and the other for energy and focus. The performance blend weighs in at 4.5g per maximum serving and features CarnoSyn beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, arginine, and agmatine. Based on the blend weight the ingredients aren’t going to be at their maximum doses, as the combined proven amounts of beta-alanine and creatine alone would be 8.2g, almost double the blend in Pre-Workout Blackout Edition.

As for the energy and focus ingredients, that blend tips the scales at 2.975g and is made up of taurine, tyrosine, 400mg of caffeine, 100mg of DMHA, and 50mg of dicaffeine malate. While the performance blend does appear to be a bit light on doses, the energy blend is not. It packs a massive 450mg of caffeine coming from its two forms, DMHA at a solid 100mg, leaving the taurine and tyrosine a little over 2g between them.

Pre-Workout Blackout

Flavors and intro sale

American Made’s new Pre-Workout Blackout Edition comes in a total of three different flavors with Lethal Lemon Lime, Atomic Punch, and Blue Storm. The brand is also saying the product is only available while supplies last, so it does sound like it might be a limited edition release.

To celebrate the launch of the supplement, American Made is running an introductory sale where you can save a relatively good amount. If you head to the brand’s website and use the coupon code “BLACKOUT”, you can get the pre-workout for $39.95 for a full 30 serving tub.