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Anth Bailes’ Tactical Whey won’t have your typical protein formula

Tactical Whey

As promised last week when we first posted about the all-new 100 % Or Nothing line of supplements coming soon from Anth “The Freak” Bailes’ MaxxMuscle brand. This week we’ve got more information on one of the line’s upcoming products, the protein powder Tactical Whey.

Previously all we knew about MaxxMuscle’s Tactical Whey was that it would be a protein powder, and based on its name it would also feature whey as its primary source of protein. Today we’ve got a few more details about the supplement that as it turns out isn’t going to have your typical protein formula.

Firstly Tactical Whey will feature a blend of various forms of protein, which we can only assume will all be whey sources like whey concentrate and isolate. MaxxMuscle has also confirmed the product will be fortified with the better absorbed Cavacurmin curcumin extract and methyl sulfonyl methane for anti-inflammatory benefits and help support stomach health.

As far as we know, Anth Bailes’ MaxxMuscle 100 % Or Nothing Series is still due to be released sometime in August, which is now six weeks away.