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Muscletech’s well-known creatine returns in Cell-Tech SX-7 Revolution

Cell-Tech SX-7 Revolution

Over the years Muscletech has created a number of widely known supplement names including Hydroxycut for weight loss, the protein Nitro-Tech, and the creatine Cell-Tech. While we have seen a lot of Hydroxycut or Nitro-Tech lately, that hasn’t been the case for Cell-Tech. That all changes this week as details have surfaced on an all-new Cell-Tech product that’s a part of Muscletech’s SX-7 Revolution series.

Strength, size, and recovery

The official title of the brand’s first new Cell-Tech supplement in a very long time is Cell-Tech SX-7 Revolution. Like all of the Cell-Techs before it, SX-7 Revolution features, of course, a creatine based formula. It doesn’t, however, have any carbohydrates to it like a lot of the previous Cell-Techs.

Muscletech has designed Cell-Tech SX-7 Revolution for increased muscle size, improved recovery, and enhanced strength. The product does also feature Dual Phase ActivSphere Technology for a time released advantage, just like two of the brand’s other SX-7 Revolution supplements, Amino NRG and Shatter SX-7 Revolution.

Cell-Tech SX-7 Revolution

Complex Cell-Tech combination

As for the ingredients behind the new Cell-Tech formula, it comes packed with four main features. The biggest of those features is a four form creatine blend weighing in at 3.5g per serving, and combining creatine monohydrate, HCl, citrate, and PepForm creatine peptides. The creatine is responsible for the majority of Cell-Tech SX-7 Revolution’s effects including increased strength and recovery.

The remaining three ingredients in the new product are 900mg of fenugreek to help improve creatine uptake, 50mg of prickly pear, and half a gram of leucine for better recovery. The leucine is the more complex feature of those three as it is actually a mix of regular leucine and ActivSphere infused, sustained release leucine.

Availability and directions

Msucletech’s new Cell-Tech SX-7 Revolution is expected to be hitting stores sometime soon in a relatively larger 50 serving tub, which is enough to last you seven weeks. It’ll be available in the one Blue Cherry Fusion flavor and is suggested to be taken at one serving per day before or after your workout.