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PhD keeps the protein high and calories low in its unique new snack

Diet Whey On-The-Go

PhD Nutrition recently proved that it is certainly a competitor when it comes to on-the-go supplementation in our review of its incredibly delicious Smart Bar. This week details have surfaced of another entirely new protein snack, which is a spin-off of its mainstream protein powder Diet Whey.

The new item from PhD Nutrition is called Diet Whey On-The-Go, and is a lot like the brand’s other convenient solutions, giving you the ability to keep your protein high, but calories low while on the move. Diet Whey On-The-Go does, however, do things a little bit differently, as it isn’t your typical protein RTD or bar.

Macros and ingredients

The latest from PhD Nutrition is, in fact, a squeezy packet providing 20g of protein, just 3g of carbohydrates with 2.7g of that sugar and 6.6g fiber, 3g of fat (2.1g saturated), and a relatively low 130 calories. While the product’s nutrition numbers are quite impressive, things get even more interesting with its ingredients.

Like all Diet Whey supplements, the new Diet Whey On-The-Go uses whey as its primary source of protein. Surprisingly that isn’t its biggest component though, fromage frais is, which is a soft, creamy cheese, that gives the formula its squeezy consistency. The protein solution also features undetailed amounts of CLA, green tea, and carnitine for added weight loss support.

Coming in 2 flavors

PhD Nutrition doesn’t appear to have launched Diet Whey On-The-Go just yet but is expected to be dropping the product very soon. It is due to hit local UK shelves in a total of two different tastes with the fruit based recipes Strawberry and Blueberry.