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Guardian White Shred Attack featuring a solid pre-workout like formula

Guardian White Shred Attack

Last week Silverback Nutraceuticals announced that it is currently working on its first weight loss supplement appropriately named Guardian White Shred Attack. This week the brand wants to keep that excitement going and has shared with us the complete list of ingredients in its upcoming fat burner.

Not too surprisingly the list of features in Silverback’s new Guardian White Shred Attack is pretty full on. Like a couple of other powerful weight loss products out there right now, the gradually growing brand has combined fat burning with a more pre-workout type formula. It essentially brings together effective weight loss ingredients and a Guardian Black (Silverback’s pre-workout) like mix featuring reliable stimulants for better energy and focus, as well as pump and performance enhancers.

Pre-workout like formula

The complete combination of ingredients in the new Guardian White Shred Attack starts off with 6g of citrulline malate. That is then followed by 3.2g of beta-alanine, 1.5g each taurine and betaine, 750mg of agmatine, and for weight loss a gram of carnitine and half a gram of acetyl-l-carnitine. As mentioned the formula is a lot like Silverback’s pre-workout, in fact of those seven ingredients we just listed, four can be found in the brand’s pre-workout at very similar doses.

The last half of Guardian White Shred Attack’s list of ingredients is where all of its energy and focus comes from thanks to a solid mix of stimulants. From top to bottom you get 350mg of caffeine, 300mg of alpha lipoic acid, 250mg of choline bitartrate, 100mg each of dicaffeine malate and the powerful DMHA, 50mg each of hordenine and theobromine, and 30mg of synephrine.

Stimulant intense combination

Seeing as the upcoming Silverback supplement does feature a lot of typical pre-workout ingredients with a fair amount of fat burning involved. It certainly looks like Guardian White Shred Attack will have you covered when it comes to energy, focus, and performance in the gym. As for real world weight loss, that is something we’d have to find out about first hand.

As for when Silverback plans on entering the extremely competitive fat burning market, at the moment we only know Guardian White Shred Attack is dropping sometime soon. The brand is currently working on getting everything organized for the launch of the product, which does make it sound like it’s arriving sooner rather than later.