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Anth Bailes’ Atomic Bomb an intense, but low caffeine pre-workout

MaxxMuscle Atomic Bomb

As we get closer to Anth Bailes’ launch of the MaxxMuscle 100% Or Nothing supplement line, which is dropping early next month. One of his three upcoming products has been completely unveiled, with a detailed look at the promising pre-workout MaxxMuscle Atomic Bomb.

Atomic Bomb effects

The primary goal of Atomic Bomb is to deliver a complete experience with a variety of pre-workout effects. According to Bailes, the supplement was designed to provide the benefits you get from a high stimulant formula without the crash, as well as the advantages of a non-stim pre-workout. The list of effects includes increased energy, focus, hydration, pumps, and improved endurance.

MaxxMuscle Atomic Bomb

Intense, low caffeine formula

To achieve everything it promises, MaxxMuscle Atomic Bomb has been loaded with quite the list of ingredients. Some of the biggest highlights from the pre-workout include 3g of each of CarnoSyn beta-alanine and HydroMax glycerol, 150mg each of caffeine and the powerful stimulant DMHA, half a gram of beetroot powder, and one of the biggest doses of TeaCrine we’ve seen at 150mg per serving.

While its hefty dose of TeaCrine is impressive as well as its inclusion of DMHA, one of the bigger standouts for us in MaxxMuscle Atomic Bomb is its caffeine. Anth Bailes has really made this quite a bit below most other pre-workouts but still promises an intense experience. One serving also appears to be the maximum recommended for Atomic Bomb, so you can’t double up for 300mg of caffeine, which makes sense with everything else that’s in the mix.

Sachets instead of powder tub

Another relatively unique feature with the upcoming MaxxMuscle Atomic Bomb is that when it eventually arrives, it’s not going to be available in your typical powder tub. Anth Bailes has decided to go with a more convenient option in single serving sachet boxes. They’ll be coming in two different flavors, Cherry and the much more creative Red Apple Strudel.

As mentioned earlier, the Anth Bailes Maxx Muscle supplement line, referred to as the 100% Or Nothing Series, is due to release next month. We are still missing details on where everything from the line is going to be available, although we should have all of that information very soon.