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Kodiak teases a mystery capsule supplement for next month

Kodiak Nutrition

Kodiak Nutrition has confirmed that an all-new supplement is due to join its barely one year old line-up, very soon. The brand hasn’t revealed any specific details like ingredients, category, or even its name, leaving a lot to speculation.

The only fact we really have for Kodiak’s mystery product is that it will be a capsule formula, which doesn’t tell us much but does shrink down the number of categories it could belong to. Seeing as the brand has only tackled mainstream markets with its supplements, our guesses at its next release are either a multi-vitamin, muscle builder, creatine, or maybe even some kind of basic formula.

While we are more than happy to guess what the Kodiak product could be, everything is expected to be revealed very soon. The brand has said all of its details should be available within the next few weeks, with the supplement itself launching in roughly one month’s time.

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