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Pea protein Nitro-Tech Protein Chips on their way to stores

Nitro-Tech Protein Chips

Muscletech’s first ever high protein chip snack Nitro-Tech Protein Chips, that was first unveiled back in April, is now making its way out to supplement retailers. With the release has finally come all of the product’s details including macros, ingredients, and where you’ll be able to find them.

The new savory chips from Muscletech pack a convenient 10g of protein per bag from plant based pea protein. The other important nutrition numbers are 8.4g of carbohydrates with only 800mg of that sugar, less than a gram of fiber, 2.7g of fat (0.3g saturated), and just under 100 calories with a total of 99.

Nitro-Tech Protein Chips

Like with all on-the-go high protein supplements, it does come down to flavors for Muscletech’s Nitro-Tech Protein Chips. For that, the brand has put together three options for the product with the two vegan recipes BBQ Chipotle and Sea Salt & Vinegar, and the vegetarian-friendly Nacho Cheese.

As previously confirmed, the new Nitro-Tech Protein Chips aren’t something you’re going to be seeing on shelves here in the US. The latest protein snack from Muscletech is for the UK and Europe. The brand has said the supplement is already on its way to stores, so if you’re in the area expect to see it available near you sometime soon.