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Protein Pancake Mix the latest in Optimum’s breakfast series

Optimum Protein Pancake Mix

Another new breakfast style supplement has surfaced this week from Optimum Nutrition called Optimum Protein Pancake Mix. It follows the reveal and release of the similarly branded breakfast products Greek Yogurt Protein Smoothie, Whey & Oats, and the seemingly UK only Protein Oats Flapjack.

Much like the other breakfast family supplements, the new Optimum Protein Pancake Mix describes itself pretty well in its name. The product is a simple, high protein pancake formula designed to make mixing up your morning with some delicious pancakes a very simple and healthy thing to do.

Each of Optimum Protein Pancake Mix’s 51g servings provides a solid 20g of protein from a mix of whey concentrate, wheat protein, egg albumin, and milk protein. Its other macros include 4.3g of fat (2.2g saturated), 18g of carbohydrates (2.5g sugar) primarily coming from wheat flour, 2.7g of fiber, all for a total of 197 calories.

At the moment we can only confirm Optimum Protein Pancake Mix in one flavor or at least one option, with an always convenient Unflavored. The supplement will, however, have two sizes to choose from, a traditional 2.2lb tub squeezing in 20 servings, and an on-the-go option packing 24 single serving sachets.