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Chaos and Pain introduces its 19-nor-DHEA powered Chemical X

Chaos and Pain Chemical X

After launching the two DHEA powered muscle builders Chemical One and Chemical Four, appropriately featuring 1-DHEA and 4-DHEA. Chaos and Pain has introduced its third DHEA muscle builder called Chemical X, featuring 19-nor-DHEA. As mentioned on other occasions, the Chemical line is similar to Redcon1’s Somal products and Blackstone’s Chosen1, Brutal 4ce, and AbNORmal.

The latest size and strength Chaos and Pain supplement is like Chemical One and Four, in that it doesn’t just rely on 19-nor-DHEA infused with Cyclosome liposomal delivery technology. Alongside the main ingredient dosed at 55mg per tablet, Chemical X also has 150mg of fadogia agrestis and 50mg of laxogenin to further boost its muscle building abilities.

Chaos and Pain Chemical X

As per usual Chaos and Pain has introduced its new product with a celebratory sale through its official website. The deal involving Chemical X is, purchase any two Chemical titled supplements and get a free full-size bottle of Alpha PCT, giving you a complete 12-week muscle building stack.

There is also an overall promotion running at with the coupon code “X30” getting you 30% off. That coupon does surprisingly work on everything including already discounted stacks as well as the Chemical X and Alpha PCT deal mentioned above.