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Hydra Shred Review: Workout enhancing weight loss supplement

Hydra Shred Review

Sparta Nutrition made a lot of waves last year when it introduced its powerful pre-workout Kraken, which still to this day is one of the top rated supplements on the market. Earlier this year the brand decided to take on the world of weight loss with a product as good looking as Kraken formula wise, called Hydra Shred.

The Sparta fat burner features an impressive combination of ingredients, including proven weight loss features and a stimulant blend typically more suitable for a loaded pre-workout. Recently we got the chance to run a couple of cycles of the supplement for a full month to find out just how good it feels and performs, as well as how good it is with actual weight loss.

Improved energy and focus

We started our journey with Hydra Shred at the suggested amount of one serving twice a day. Energy and focus wise it is the perfect amount to get you up and moving in the morning, reignite you later in the afternoon, and have you wind down and relax in time for bed. The increase in energy isn’t at all jittery or too much at any point, with it coming over you quite gradually.

Hydra Shred Review

Alongside Hydra Shred’s energy is a good amount of focus, giving it a solid one-two combination. The mix is very reminiscent of a pre-workout, in fact at one serving the product feels like a watered down pre-workout ideal for your everyday life. It keeps you consistently awake, alert, focused, and driven for around four hours. After that, Hydra Shred begins to fade, which is why we found a serving in the morning and another six hours later in the afternoon to be the perfect plan.

Actual weight loss results

Like a lot of effective fat burners, Hydra Shred does accelerate the speed in which you lose weight and amplify the effort you put in. While it does help the whole process, it wasn’t as impressive as some of the other weight loss formulas we’ve tried in the past. We definitely don’t think it’s as good in this area as the fat burner we reviewed last month — Shredabull Untamed — although the improved weight loss does still bring noticeable results.

Despite not getting as impressive actual fat loss as we’ve seen in other supplements or any of the other helpful effects we’ve experienced such as appetite suppression, mood enhancement, and improved metabolism. There is one area Hydra Shred stands out better than any other product we’ve tried in the competitive weight loss category.

Hydra Shred Review

Doubles as a pre-workout

After running Sparta’s capsule and powder fat burner for a couple of weeks, we decided to double up the serving for a workout instead of taking two throughout the day. The alternative method doesn’t exactly double the effectiveness of the supplement, but it certainly enhances it enough for it to work as a pre-workout. The energy becomes much more intense, and the focus becomes much more driven and clear, making for a solid stimulant driven workout.

When using the double serving we didn’t find it had any loss or gain anywhere outside of the more potent feeling and performance. We also felt that doubling up after using Hydra Shred for a while was both a good idea for workouts and tolerance. Like with most stimulant products you will get used to Hydra Shred’s feel, and its kick will gradually get lighter. If however, you switch to that double dose after two or three weeks, it’ll feel like you’re starting all over again and you’ve got a whole new intensity to build a tolerance to.

Impressive flavors

Last but not least we have to talk about the options you have with Hydra Shred, specifically its flavors. While the Sparta supplement does come in capsules, its two tastes Mango Nectar and Cold Brewed Coffee are a lot more enjoyable. Mango Nectar is about as sweet as it sounds with the brand really able to get that mango sweetness across. As for Cold Brewed Coffee, if you’re a coffee fan this is the one for you as Sparta nailed the taste, with its title being more than fitting.

Hydra Shred Review

Workout enhancing fat burner

Overall Sparta has definitely got a unique weight loss experience on its hands with Hydra Shred. It delivers a delicious and powerful combination of energy and focus, to get you through a full day of dieting, and while it does lack in areas others shine, it makes up for it all by doubling as a pre-workout.

Over the years we have come across effective fat burners that pack a strong enough kick to feel like they can replace a pre-workout, but don’t follow through when put to real world use. Sparta’s Hydra Shred changes all that, showing that it can improve your workout and push you through, even on the hardest of days. The product is perfect for those looking to diet, amplify their weight loss, and still bring that pre-workout intensity to the gym.