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Yamamoto introduces its impressively lean whey isolate HydroRazan


The consistently growing Yamamoto Nutrition has introduced another new supplement this week, which is yet another competitor for the protein powder category. The new product is named HydroRazan, a very high quality whey isolate formula that also features additional digestive enzymes and probiotics.

The latest from Yamamoto is definitely one of the more leaner protein powders out there. Each of its servings provides 24g of protein from Carbery Optipep 90 branded whey isolate, less than half a gram of carbohydrates and fat, and an impressively low total of just 102 calories.

Yamamoto does appear to have already made its new protein powder HydroRazan available directly through its Italian website. It comes in two sizes, 1.5 and 4.4lbs, and three flavors, with Chocolate, Vanilla, and Unflavored. At the moment it looks like the Unflavored 4.4lb is the only option the brand has in stock, priced at €115.99.