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Insane Labz doing something different with its Trick Or Treat Psychotic

Trick Or Treat Psychotic

Last month Insane Labz launched a limited edition Snow Cone flavor for one of its many stimulant pre-workouts, Psychotic. This coming October for Halloween the brand is planning on introducing another new flavor for the supplement that is something very different.

The name of the creative release is Trick Or Treat Psychotic, which is essentially a surprise flavor. While the product will have the same Trick Or Treat name on its label, the taste of the powder inside will be one of two flavors. Insane Labz has said neither of the flavors is bad, so it’s not entirely a trick or treat, but it’s still a mystery until you taste it.

As mentioned Trick Or Treat Psychotic is expected to launch later in the year, somewhere in October around Halloween. It does also sound like the unique release will be limited edition like Snow Cone, so Insane Labz fans will want to get in quick when it arrives.