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Redrum joins Insane Labz list of supplements coming in October

Insane Labz Redrum

Insane Labz does already have quite the list of entries in the competitive pre-workout category including well-known supplements like Psychotic and I Am God. This week the brand has unveiled yet another pre-workout formula named murder backwards with Redrum.

The product promotes itself as an energy enhancing pre-workout that will feature the ingredient found in a lot of other Insane Labz supplements, AMPiberry. Overall the formula will be relatively light weighing in at 151g per tub, working out to 5g per serving, which suggests its combination will be more on the stimulant side.

According to Insane Labz, Redrum is another product that’s on its list to be released this October, alongside the Asylum Cabinet Series and Trick Or Treat Psychotic. The supplement is confirmed to be coming in a total of three flavors creatively called Murder In A Bottle, Devils Blood, and a third option named after the pre-workout itself in Redrum.