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CT Fletcher’s Midnight Dream is now available in 3 flavors

CT Fletcher Midnight Dream

After introducing the supplement back in May, CT Fletcher’s Iron Addicts brand has finally launched its nighttime formula Midnight Dream. For those that missed our original post, the product really explains wht it’s about in its simple tagline “train like a beast, sleep like a baby”.

You can now purchase what is actually the first entirely new Iron Addicts supplement since its launch, from the brand’s website at The product will cost you the same as Iron Addicts’ top rated pre-workout Sidewalk Kraka at $39.99 per tub.

Each bottle of CT Fletcher’s new Midnight Dream comes with a total of 30 servings, enough to get you through a typical month. It also comes in three flavors, all with CT Fletcher style names in Root Muthaf*ckin Beer, Orange Muthaf*ckin Soda, and Passed Out Pineapple Banana.