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Performix makes BCAAs and caffeine to go with ISO Recovery Drink

ISO Recovery Drink

Just yesterday we took a look at Performix’s all-new on-the-go supplement, the more energy and focus centered SST Energy Drink. Today we have details on yet another RTD product from the brand with the ISO Recovery Drink.

Mostly about recovery

Where Performix’s SST Energy Drink is for energy and mental focus, its second new RTD is for the other side of things being mostly about recovery. Fans of the brand will also notice that like the SST Energy Drink, the ISO Recovery Drink is a spin-off of a current Performix supplement, its BCAA formula ISO 9:2:2.

ISO Recovery Drink

The ISO Recovery Drink is built for recovery as mentioned and as it says in its title, however, there is a little more to it. To take care of its recovery effect, the product features 5g of BCAAs at Performix’s unique 9:2:2 ratio. Where things get a bit different is that it also includes an energy blend, really giving it a more in common with ISO V2X than the original ISO.

BCAAs as well as energy

The ingredients making up the other half of Performix’s ISO Recovery Drink is a 1.675g non-transparent blend of betaine anhydrous and the classic stimulant caffeine. While those two are in a proprietary blend, the supplement does transparently list the caffeine at 175mg per can which means the betaine is at 1.5g.

ISO Recovery Drink

Two no doubt delicious flavors

Knowing how good Performix’s SST Energy Drink tastes as well as its original amino BCAA 9:2:2, we imagine ISO Recovery Drink is also going to come through on flavor. The brand has put together two delicious sounding recipes for the on-the-go product with Citrus Cooler and Ice Berry, both expected to be hitting GNC soon.