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Muscle Elements powerhouse post-workout Post Pro is finally here

Muscle Elements Post Pro

Way back in March we got a preview of Muscle Elements’ first entirely new supplement release in quite some time with the post-workout Post Pro. The product is also actually only the brand’s third entirely new supplement since it initially launched a number of years ago.

After all that time, Muscle Elements Post Pro is now finally available for purchase. One of the first places to show up with stock of the product is the brand’s own website at, where it’ll cost you $44.99. It comes in the one rather heavy 15 serving tub, or 30 servings if you only want to use one scoop, and the one Orange Cream Pop flavor.

Muscle Elements Post Pro

For those who can’t quite remember what Post Pro is all about, or would like a little refresher, as mentioned it is a post-workout supplement. Being from Muscle Elements the product is, of course, packed out with everything you could want for your after workout supplement window.

Each two scoop serving of Muscle Elements Post Pro packs 20g of protein, 30g of carbohydrates, and a light one gram of fat. On top of that you have all of the extra ingredients included to enhance recovery with 5g each of glutamine, BCAAs, and a creatine blend, and 400mg of tart cherry.