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Muscularity Rx rebrands its customizable supplement lineup

Muscularity Rx

Back in June we were introduced to Muscularity Rx, a unique new brand that gives you the ability to customize the use of its supplements. Currently, Muscularity Rx has three items in its lineup with the pre-workouts Nuts & Bolts 200 and 400, one with 200mg of caffeine and the other with 400. You then have Bolts, which is the same formula but without stimulants.

The reason we have the brand back in the spotlight today is because it’s updated the look of all of its products. Muscularity Rx has thrown out its previously plain and flavor graphic branding in favor of a mostly green, clean, and much better laid out design featuring graphics relevant to the supplement’s titles.

You can get a closer look at Muscularity Rx’s updated branding on its official website at The products are also still available for pre-order through there at $32 for Nuts & Bolts and $29 for Bolts, or purchase any two and get $9 off with the coupon “PREORDER”.