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Patriot’s Whey Review: Packed full of marshmallows and chocolate chips

Patriots Whey Review

Since introducing its first ever protein powder, ‘Merica Labz has promoted Patriot’s Whey as a flavor driven competitor. With a formula featuring actual cookie pieces, marshmallows, and chocolate chips it’s really no surprise. Following on from its recent release, we decided to pick up two of Patriot’s Whey flavor and find out first hand just how good it tastes.

The two flavors of Patriot’s Whey we decided to go with were the cookie based recipe Double Stuffed and the marshmallow and chocolate chip combination Yosemite S’Mores. The macros behind the flavors come with the usual 25g of protein per serving, but with a few extra calories at the cost of an above average taste.

Double Stuffed with cookie pieces

Up first we have the Double Stuffed, which is essentially a cookies and cream protein. ‘Merica Labz definitely nails the cream portion of the flavor, delivering a dense base taste that can also be amplified in thickness if you mix it with slightly less water than usual.

As for the cookies side of the flavor, you can see the cookie pieces scattered throughout Double Stuffed Patriot’s Whey. The taste of them, however, isn’t as obvious, as they only really add a hint of cookie or chocolate to the overall flavor. You can feel them as you drink it, but Double Stuffed is a mostly cream experience.

Patriots Whey Review

S’Mores packed full of extras

Our favorite of the two Patriot’s Whey we purchased is without a doubt Yosemite S’Mores. The more delicious flavor brings together an incredibly enjoyable combination of a somewhat light chocolate taste, plenty of marshmallows, and actual chocolate chips.

With a recipe like this, we expected the base chocolate taste to be quite strong as typically that’s where most of the flavor comes from, the base. ‘Merica Labz S’Mores, however, keeps it light on chocolate and makes up for it all with a massive amount of relatively sweet marshmallows, then at the end a bunched up hit of chocolatey chocolate chips.

We did find that there are a few ways you can enjoy Yosemite S’Mores Patriot’s Whey depending on how you serve it. If you prefer crunchy marshmallows, simply drink it as soon as you make it, or you’ll have smooth and soggy marshmallows, which are just as good. Also, if you’d rather get your chocolate chips throughout than in a bunch at the end, be sure to swirl your shaker around before you drink it.

Patriots Whey Review

Great tasting protein powder

Altogether ‘Merica Labz does truly deliver with Patriot’s Whey, as it is one of the better tasting protein powders we’ve come across. While Double Stuffed could do with a better balance of cookies and cream, it’s nothing to complain about especially if you like your cookies and cream, creamy.

The Yosemite S’Mores Patriot’s Whey is the star of the show for us, mostly due to its heavy inclusion of marshmallows and chocolate chips. As mentioned, it completely pushes aside the need for a strong chocolate flavor in favor of enough marshmallows to get you from start to finish, and to top it all off a nice cluster of chocolatey chocolate chips.