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Patriot’s Whey featuring real Oreo pieces, marshmallows, and chocolate chips

Patriots Whey

A couple of months ago ‘Merica Labz released a preview of a protein powder in the works called Patriot’s Whey. The supplement got a lot of attention as one of its flavors was said to have real ‘Merican marshmallows in it. The brand has now completely unveiled that product, revealing formula details, macros, and its variety of incredibly creative flavors.

Simple whey formula

Regarding the ingredients used in ‘Merica Labz Patriot’s Whey, everything is pretty straightforward. The supplement is a naturally and artificially flavored whey protein formula featuring whey concentrate as its only source of protein, with the only other ingredients in it being for flavor.

The macros making up each serving of Patriot’s Whey are relatively typical, although it does have a few extra calories due to the unique ingredients the brand has added for taste. Depending on the flavor you go with, the product provides 25g of protein, between 5 to 6g of carbohydrates with 2.5 to 5g of that sugar, 2.5 to 4g of fat (1.5 to 2.3g saturated), and totals of between 142 to 152 calories.

Patriots Whey

Real Oreo pieces

As for the actual flavors ‘Merica Labz has put together for Patriot’s Whey, that is where the supplement sets itself apart from all the other proteins out there. The brand has in fact nicknamed the product “The Revolutionary’s Protein”, as according to ‘Merica Labz “it’s so damn tasty that it’s revolutionary.”

In total there are three Patriot’s Whey flavors, all of which have next level extras to them. There is Double Stuffed which has real Oreo cookie pieces, Fortuitous Keepsakes, a cereal inspired flavor that has real Lucky Charms marshmallows, and Yosemite S’mores with real chocolate chips and marshmallows.

Launching July 4th

‘Merica Labz plans on launching its first ever protein powder on none other than the 4th of July. It is going to be introduced in just the one tub size to start, a cost-effective 5lb packing 61 servings for the Double Stuffed flavor, 62 for Fortuitous Keepsakes, and 59 for Yosemite S’mores.