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Performix Wafers Review: Great outer layer, not so great inner wafers

Performix Wafers Review

With the few Performix supplements we experienced, the brand has always had pretty good flavoring. Some of our favorites from its line include its cereal protein powder and its original BCAA competitor ISO 9:2:2. When news came in that it would be entering the bar market with Protein Wafers, we presumed the product would taste great so we had to pick it up for review.

Performix Wafers macros

Those of you unfamiliar with the protein snack Performix Protein Wafers, it is a little bit different from most other supplements in the protein bar category. As its title suggests, it is a wafer style bar, with two flavored coated sticks per packet, providing 13g of protein, 4g of net carbohydrates, and 210 calories. The snack comes in four flavors with Chocolate Mint, Fruity Charms, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Vanilla Peanut Butter.

Performix Wafers Review

Strong first bite flavor

The first bite into the Performix Protein Wafer gets a thumbs up, as for a short time the flavors all taste about as good as they look. The Fruity Charms is especially impressive as initially, those candy pieces on top bring a good amount of sweetness to the already sweet outer layer.

Not so great inner wafers

Where the experience takes a turn for us is when you get further into the Performix Protein Wafer. After you break that delicious surface of the bar, the three wafers inside really bring things to a halt. The wafers have a real mouth drying, chalky taste to them, that trumps and almost masks all of the great flavor on the outside of the bar.

Performix Wafers Review

Since the wafers make up a lot of the product’s volume, that chalky taste is unfortunately there for the majority of the experience. We did experiment a little by cutting it into halves and removing its middle wafer, which resulted in a much more balanced and enjoyable flavor. For us, it proved that the wafers do appear to be what holds the snack back, with the more outer layer you get, the sweeter the taste.

Overall Performix Wafers opinion

As mentioned the Performix Protein Wafer is great with that first bite, but its wafer filled inside does bring it down drastically and takes up a lot of the time you spend eating it. We do know wafer style protein snacks can be done well, as there are great ones out there such as Novo’s Protein Wafer as well as Got7’s delicious Bahia Bar and Rio Crunch.