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Where to go to get VPX’s Purple Guava Pear Bang

Purple Guava Pear Bang

For anyone looking to try one of the harder to find new flavors of VPX Sports’ Bang energy drink, Purple Guava Pear, we figured we’d post up two of the bigger online retailers where you can get it. The other two flavors that are now out and available are Peach Mango and Citrus Twist, however, they’re much easier to find as the former is exclusive to the Vitamin Shoppe and the latter exclusive to GNC.

A couple of major stores where you can now purchase the new VPX Purple Guava Pear Bang are Campus Protein and Tiger Fitness, with both places having around the same price of between 23 and $24. Also, keep in mind Purple Guava will be available in many other locations, as it is exclusive to the distributor Europa, so anyone supplied by them will be able to get it.