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Real Good Pizza’s three protein packed breakfast flavors have arrived

Real Good Breakfast Pizza

Real Good Pizza’s family of protein packed pizzas has grown this month, with the breakfast themed products unveiled last month now officially available. The new releases sit alongside the brand’s three original protein pizzas Pepperoni, Supreme, and Three Cheese, in their two sizes, personal and large.

For those that missed our initial post on Real Good Pizza’s breakfast inspired menu, it is made up of three flavors, all coming in the one personal size. The three recipes are Uncured Bacon, Pepperoni, and Italian Sausage, and are also made with scrambled egg, mozzarella cheese, and cheese sauce.

Real Good Pizza has priced its latest releases the same as its regular protein pizzas at $5.99 each for 12 pizzas, $4.99 each for 18, and $4.50 for 30 or more. You can place your orders through the brand’s official website at