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Warrior Crunch Review: Delicious candy bar like protein snack

Warrior Crunch Review

The one supplement we’d heard a lot about from Warrior’s lineup before we were even introduced to the UK brand, was its protein bar competitor Warrior Crunch. The company was kind enough to recently send us the product to find out first hand just how good it is, and it does live up to its reputation.

Warrior Crunch macros

Warrior Crunch features a relatively solid nutrition profile providing 20g of protein, 2.3g of impact carbohydrates, 2.3g of sugar, for around 240 calories. The macros do vary slightly between its two flavors, however not by much, and the important 20g of protein does remain consistent. Today we have our Warrior Crunch review for you, based on both of the bar’s flavors, White Chocolate Crisp and Salted Caramel.

Warrior Crunch Review

White Chocolate Crisp

Of the two, White Chocolate Crisp is our least favorite Warrior Crunch, although, in no way does that mean it’s a bad bar. The build of the protein snack is a lot the brand’s fellow UK competitor, the PhD Smart Bar. It features a solid outer, a gooey, crisp packed second layer, then a thick but smooth center.

The white chocolate outer has a typical, light white chocolate taste to it, that is sweetened with a caramel flavored gooey layer. Once you get into the middle of the bar you really only get a thicker consistency, as the white chocolate and caramel bring so much sweetness they just can’t be topped.

Incredible Salted Caramel

As great as the White Chocolate Crisp Warrior Crunch is, the supplement’s original Salted Caramel flavor is incredible. It has a crispy caramel layer that’s equally as good as White Chocolate Crisp, however, the outside of Salted Caramel has regular milk chocolate, that brings a much richer chocolate flavor.

Warrior Crunch Review

When you roll all of Salted Caramel Warrior Crunch’s flavors together, you get a truly unforgettable, candy bar like experience. The chocolate outside is responsible for most of the deliciousness, with the crispy, gooey caramel further amplifying that. The doughy center once again doesn’t add any flavor to the mix, only a thicker consistency when you chew it all together.

One of the best bars available

While Warrior Crunch may only have two flavors to its menu, the product is easily one of the best tasting protein bar competitors on the market. Its level of sweetness and real candy bar like flavor puts it above all but a few in the category, and shows that UK brands really know what they’re doing when it comes to protein snacks.