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Bodylogix rebrand bringing full transparency to its entire lineup


Bodylogix recently announced that it would be completely rebranding its entire line of supplements including its basic and advanced formulas, and everything in between. One week on from that, we have a bit more news on the whole Bodylogix transformation front as there is something else the brand is doing to all of its products.

Bodylogix has now confirmed that on top of rebranding all of its supplements, it is also making everything fully transparent. Every one of its products will have 100% transparent labels, listing the exact dosing for all of their main ingredients.


The brand’s big move will also be applied in detail to its protein powders, which isn’t something you see all that much. What that means is on Bodylogix proteins you’ll get the exact amount of source protein used to provide the amount of complete protein. The brand’s updated Natural Isolate is a great example of that as its label (above) says it has 28.11g of whey isolate per serving yielding 25g of complete protein.

As mentioned, Bodylogix big move to full transparency is coming with its complete rebranding. Basically, next time you go looking for the brand on shelves and find its fresh new look, you’ll also be able to turn the supplements around and see exactly what’s in them.