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Yamamoto reformulates and relaunches Emperor Mass

Emperor Mass

The Italian supplement company Yamamoto Nutrition has relaunched its mass protein competitor Emperor Mass with an all-new formula. The product packs a solid combination of macros led by a relatively heavy dose of protein, keeping the aim of Yamamoto’s Emperor Mass focused on building muscle and strength.

Each of the mass protein’s servings weighs in at 140g providing 38g of protein coming from a blend of milk protein and whey isolate. The rest of the nutrition numbers making up the supplement are 61g of carbohydrates with just 3g of that sugar, 14g of fat (7.7g saturated), for a light 527 calories, or at least light for a gainer.

Along with the new combination of macros in Emperor Mass, Yamamoto has also packed the product with a handful extras. To further enhance muscle building and recovery Emperor Mass includes 4.8g of Kyowa Quality BCAAs, 4.5g of Kyowa Quality glutamine, linseed oil for omega 3 and 6s, as well as enzymes to help with digestion.

Yamamoto Nutrition has reformulated Emperor Mass in two different tastes with a traditional Chocolate and an almost equally common Cookies & Cream. For now, we can only confirm one size for the supplement weighing in at 5.5lbs, which is enough for a total of 17 servings.