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Genius Creatine featuring a little more than your typical creatine

Genius Creatine

The Genius Supplement line has grown once again this week with the kind of product that is usually quite basic. The name of the supplement is Genius Creatine, which is a strength, endurance, power, and muscle increasing formula that has a little more to it than most creatines.

Creatine + CarnoSyn

As its title suggests, Genius Creatine does feature the muscle and strength building creatine with a total of three different forms. Each of the product’s servings comes with 3g of Creapure branded creatine monohydrate, 1.5g of creatine HCl, and half a gram of Creatine MagnaPower, all for a combined 5g.

Genius Creatine

Also in the new Genius Creatine are two other ingredients, one to help boost performance and endurance and the other to further enhance the formula. Those two features are CarnoSyn beta-alanine dosed at 1.6g per serving and the absorption enhancer AstraGin at 25mg.

25 servings for $30

Genius Creatine is already available for purchase today, through the major online retailer Amazon. It currently costs $29.99 for a full 25 serving Apple flavored tub, which is more expensive than most creatines, although as mentioned it does have a little more to it.