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Proccor finally launches its potent nutrient partitioner Glycodrin


Proccor’s long-awaited nutrient partitioner Glycodrin is finally here and features a relatively well dosed formula made up of a wide variety of ingredients. Like most competitors in the specialized category, Glycodrin is designed to help your body shuttle nutrients into your muscles to be used as glucose, as opposed to being stored as body fat.

As mentioned Glycodrin brings together a variety of ingredients, all of which are transparently dosed, like in every other Proccor supplement. A total of six main ingredients power the nutrient partitioner including 300mg of berberine, bitter melon, cinnamon, panax ginseng, 200mg of GS4 Plus, and 125mg of banaba extract.


Proccor fans can now add Glycodrin to their stacks with the nutrient partitioner now available over at If you act quick there is also a special introductory price on the product at the moment, where a full 60 serving bottle will cost you only $32.99 with free shipping.