Keto Lift simply combines goBHB ketones with caffeine

Sep 12th, 2017
Keto Lift

The most recent supplement release from American Metabolix, previously known as American Muscle, is the ketogenic meal replacement Keto Meal. The brand dropped the product back in May and is now looking to follow it up with a second ketogenic formula called Keto Lift.

American Metabolix Keto Lift is a ketogenic energy supplement for use whenever you want some extra energy. That could be in the morning as a pick me up, for a quick cardio session, or even pre-workout. Regardless of when you take it, the idea is that it’s an energy supplement that helps keep you in ketosis.

Keto Lift

Keto Lift aims to deliver its ketogenic experience with a combination of the widely used goBHB ketones and caffeine. Each serving of the product features a 7.7g blend providing 6g of ketone acids and 190mg of caffeine from regular caffeine anhydrous and slower release Infinergy dicaffeine malate.

According to American Metabolix, Keto Lift should be available for pre-order on its website sometime around this weekend. We have no word on price just yet, but it will have a total of 60 servings per tub and come in at least one flavor with Cucumber Lime.

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