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Tune in tomorrow and Saturday for Olympia Expo coverage

Olympia Expo Coverage

Roughly 24 hours from now, the 2017 Mr. Olympia Expo is going to kick off in Las Vegas, Nevada, with doors set to open to the public at 10 AM. As we’ve done for the last five years, we’re going to be in the Las Vegas Convention Center sharing all of the excitement that’s on display.

You can count on seeing our first post go live a little after the doors open, with stories continuing through until the end of the day as well as on Saturday, the second day of the event. If this year’s Olympia Expo is like any of the others, we’ll be in for plenty of entirely new supplements, entire lines of products, and more.

You can catch our Olympia Expo coverage on our homepage as well as follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Apple News, or subscribe to notifications to get all the big stories direct to your device. You can also check out our dedicated coverage section at, which only features posts live from events.

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