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Isolate powered Panic Pancakes featuring protein bar like macros

Panic Pancakes

Sinister Labs has brought its latest and greatest supplement to the Olympia Expo this year with its new protein bar, SinFit. Not only is the product on display with free samples, but it is also available for purchase with some impressive expo deals going on.

On top of getting a first taste of the very delicious SinFit here at the Olympia, Sinister Labs has also given us details on its next new supplement. Due to follow on from SinFit are Panic Pancakes, the brand’s high protein pancake mix that we had a few details to share for last week.

Sinister Labs’ Panic Pancakes come packaged in bags, with six servings in each. Each of those servings provides a relatively strong 20g of protein with the primary protein source being fast absorbing whey isolate. There is also another 20g of carbohydrates with 4g of that fiber and 8g sugar, 6g of fat (4g saturated), for a total of 210 calories.

The macro combination is very similar to your typical protein bar in terms of protein and calories with 20g of protein for 210 calories. Panic Pancakes are due to release sometime in the next few weeks with Sinister Labs’ website expected to be the first place to stock the product. It’ll have three flavors on its menu with Chocolate Rage, Banana Blitz, and Buttermilk.