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Black Market’s Tiger’s Blood returns for the 5th year in a row

Tigers Blood AdreNOlyn

Over the many years Black Market has been doing its impressive monthly, limited edition flavors, we’ve seen it bring back a variety of releases. The taste brought back the most would be the strawberry and watermelon recipe Tiger’s Blood, in fact, it’s returned every year since Black Market started doing monthly limited editions.

To keep the annual Tiger’s Blood theme running the underground supplement company has once again launched the flavor here in 2017. This is the fifth time Black Market has had Tiger’s Blood as a monthly limited edition release, the others being July of 2013, March of 2014, January of 2015, and then February of last year.

You can now purchase Black Market’s September limited edition directly from its website in its two original pre-workouts, AdreNOlyn Bulk and AdreNOlyn Cuts. The price on the products is the usual $59.99 per tub, although you can also get the flavor from retailers where it will likely be slightly cheaper.