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New BPI Sports family created to enhance your water

BPI Water Enhancer

The new series of BPI Sports supplements we got a preview of a few weeks back has arrived, officially introducing the brand’s family of water enhancers. The goal of the new line is to do exactly what it’s titled, enhance your water with flavors and a few other benefits.

The products in the BPI water enhancer line are Best Aminos, Best Energy, Carnitine, and Garcinia. The idea is that you simply squirt a serving from one of the bottles into your water, then you get the desired flavor and the extra ingredients each supplement provides with zero calories.

For both Garcinia and Carnitine, their flavor-enhancing formula comes with 250mg of their title ingredients for possible weight loss and fat burning support. BPI’s other two water enhancers, Best Energy and Best Aminos, are a little more complicated featuring a variety of ingredients but not at doses we’re used to seeing.

BPI Water Enhancer

The Best Energy water enhancer comes with 10mg of agmatine, 25mg each of citrulline and caffeine, and 50mg of taurine. Best Aminos is equally light with 250mg of aminos, 100mg of that being BCAAs. Just to give you an idea on the usual doses for some of those ingredients, a lot of the time BCAAs are at least 5g per serving like in BPI’s own Best BCAA and citrulline can be anywhere from 3 to 6g.

You can now get your hands on all four of BPI Sports’ water enhancers through its website at The price on them is $34.99 for a box of six, 24 serving bottles, working out to $5.80 a bottle. The water enhancers all come in two different flavors each with the likes of Mixed Berry, Snow Cone, and Lemonade.