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Cellucor unveils two flavors from its new Candy Shop series

Cellucor Candy Shop

Cellucor has announced this week that a new collection of flavors is coming soon to its lineup of supplements called the Candy Shop Series. To start it all off, fans will be getting two candy flavors, one for the brand’s regular pre-workout C4 Original and an entirely different one for its weight loss infused C4 Ripped.

The name of the sweet sounding flavor set to join Cellucor’s already rather large C4 Original menu is Juicy Candy Burst. As for the Candy Shop Series option coming to C4 Ripped, that is also deliciously named with Fruity Rainbow Blast.

For now, those are the only two flavors we know of in the new Cellucor Candy Shop line but can confirm there will be others. The more exciting detail we don’t know is whether those upcoming flavors are for other types of supplements, like protein and aminos, or is the series limited to just pre-workouts.