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CytoSport rebranding with a more universal look


It looks like the veteran supplement company CytoSport is undergoing another major makeover. The last we heard of the brand was over a year ago when it introduced its new Monster Series consisting of products such as Monster Blend, Amino, and the pre-workout Monster Initiate.

CytoSport has now released a handful of images showing off a number of its supplements being switched to a new look and put under the one name. So far the unification of sorts includes CytoMax, CytoCarb, and even the Monster Series Creatine, all moving to a more universal look.

We’re not quite sure how far CytoSport’s major rebrand will go, as in how many products will be updated, but it does look like it’ll be quite a large job. For now, it seems best to follow the brand and see where things go, although we don’t imagine the transformation will be happening all that quickly.

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