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Body Science wants fans to guess what it’s 4 new HPLC Bars are

Body Science HPLC Bar

The Australian supplement company Body Science has confirmed that its protein bar competitor, the High Protein Low Carb Bar, is getting a handful of new flavors. Like most brands with new flavors, Body Science is teasing fans with the reveal of the releases, currently getting them to take a few guesses.

To help everyone with their new HPLC Bar guesses, the brand has dropped a blurred out image showing off the flavor graphic of each bar. Based on that we can confirm Body Science has four new flavors n the way, with our guesses at them being Apple Pie, Chocolate Mocha, Strawberry Cheesecake, and some kind of Caramel flavor.

If you’d like to have your own say on what you think the four new HPLC Bar flavors are, Body Science is giving you a chance to with a giveaway. Simply head to this website then enter a couple of details and your guesses, and you’ll be rewarded with the chance to win three months supply of HPLC Bars.

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