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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals prohibited from selling DMAA supplements

Hi-Tech DMAA

Major news has come in for any supplement fans and brands making or competing against products that contain the stimulant DMAA. The news is about a case between the United States of America and Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, and that the latter is no longer allowed to produce any DMAA containing supplements.

The important words from the court file are,

“Hi-Tech is prohibited from, directly or indirectly through third parties, manufacturing, distributing or selling adulterated foods or misbranded drugs, including but not limited to products containing DMAA or its chemical equivalent. This includes but is not limited to: purchasing or receiving DMAA ingredients, and manufacturing, processing, packaging, marketing, or distributing food or dietary supplement products containing DMAA or its chemical equivalent.”

The reason this has all come about is that Jared Wheat of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has been indicted for fraud, money laundering, and controlled substances charges. The stop on the production of DMAA supplements is then a condition of Wheat’s release from custody.

There are a lot of other things that have gone on in and around this, but the order for Hi-Tech to stop production of DMAA appears to be the biggest news. The main reason we feel that, is because it affects a large amount of people that both use, sell, and compete against those supplements.