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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals acquires Top Secret Nutrition

Hi-Tech acquires Top Secret

The giant supplement manufacurer that is Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has made another major acquisition this week following its recent partnership with Blackstone Labs. The supplement company that has grown Hi-Tech’s brand portfolio this time around is the relatively long running Top Secret Nutrition.

The now Hi-Tech owned brand has quite the history and a robust catalog of supplements. It was one of the first companies we remember to release a flavored fat burner for the US before it became a common thing to do with Cardio Igniter, which is still available today. Other Top Secret products you may be familiar with include the stimulant fat burner Ab Igniter and the once top-rated pre-workout Pump Igniter.

Hi-Tech plans on only improving Top Secret as a brand with its acquisition saying that its “impeccable reputation for pharmaceutical-grade quality, strong innovation, and manufacturing expertise make it a perfect complement to Top Secret’s brand of high-quality nutrition products.”

It’ll definitely be interesting to see what direction Top Secret goes in from here as it has proven to be quite innovative in the past and able to put together supplements that make some noise. Now with the power of Hi-Tech behind it, we may be in for a lot more of that innovation and noise.