Killer Labz completely unveils its creatine free pre-workout Destroyer

Killer Labz Destroyer

Earlier this month Killer Labz introduced Destroyer, a new supplement designed for the pre-workout market. The most interesting detail previously confirmed for it was that it’s not replacing the brand’s current pre-workout, Executioner, instead it will be sold alongside it.

Killer Labz has now released the formula behind Destroyer finally confirming what exactly separates it from Executioner. As it turns out there isn’t all that much between the two, as both rely on similar combinations of ingredients, or at least a lot more alike than expected.

Both Killer Labz Destroyer and Executioner feature heavy amounts pump and performance ingredients, as well as energy and mental focus stimulants. The most significant differences with the two appear to be that Destroyer has no creatine, a solid dose of citrulline, and full label transparency.

Killer Labz Destroyer

The ingredients in Destroyer are all pretty well dosed including major highlights such as 2g of beta-alanine, 3g of pure citrulline, and 750mg of agmatine. It also features a similar stimulant blend to Executioner with DMHA, eria jarensis, and caffeine anhydrous.

Basically, if you’re a fan of Killer Labz original pre-workout, there is a good chance you’ll enjoy its new and upcoming Destroyer, especially if you like the many benefits that come with citrulline. It is due to launch very soon and if it’s like any of the brand’s last few releases, it’ll be available first through its website at

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