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Outlift Concentrate Review: Stimulant driven energy and focus

Outlift Concentrate Review

Outlift Concentrate is Nutrex’s most cost-effective pre-workout compared to all of its other competitors, Outlift, Outlift AMPed, and the Outlift RTD. Instead of aiming to be a complete pre-workout experience promoting strength and recovery, Outlift Concentrate is all about increasing energy, mental focus, and enhancing muscle pumps.

Today we’ve got our hands on review of Nutrex’s still relatively new Outlift Concentrate, which we can confirm does deliver on all of its promises. The supplement is a very high energy pre-workout that’s also able to enhance focus and pumps. You can get a glimpse at the short and simple formula behind the product directly below, and read on for our full Outlift Concentrate review.

Outlift Concentrate Review

Stim driven energy

Being a high stimulant pre-workout, it’s really no surprise that Outlift Concentrate has a pretty strong kick to it, which is where the whole experience starts. 10 to 20 minutes after taking it, you get a sudden hit of energy that’s more than enough to wake you up even at your most tired. It fills your body with the need to work out and gives your muscles the energy to knock out a high-powered session.

While there is a bit of improved mental focus to Outlift Concentrate, it isn’t quite at the level of the energy. It’s not exactly a mind-clearing effect, more of a psychological boost that encourages you to remain mentally focused on the job at hand and elevates your confidence to make good use of the powerful energy you have at your disposal.

Outlift Concentrate Review

Together the energy and focus in Outlift Concentrate will make you want to lift non-stop, essentially leave it all out on the gym floor. We didn’t quite find the pre-workout faded at all; it just dies out relatively quickly when you get in between 45 to 60 minutes. The mental drive does manage to stay active for a little longer, but you will find the energy is nowhere near the level it was at the beginning.

More efficient pump

As mentioned earlier, Outlift Concentrate does also deliver on its promise of enhanced muscle pumps. While it can be difficult to notice with the energy rush being so overpowering, you will find it easier to focus on and fill up the muscle or muscles you’re working, especially when it comes to smaller muscle groups. The supplement doesn’t exactly help build a pump you couldn’t obtain on your own, what it does is make it much easier to get one going.

Outlift Concentrate Review

Built for stim addicts

Nutrex has definitely delivered with Outlift Concentrate, in all the areas it promises. It’s a stimulant powered experience that stim addicts will certainly want to try at least once. If you’re a Nutrex fan and like the performance and strength that comes with the other Outlifts, you may want to stay away from this one, as it doesn’t really have any of that.

One more thing, unless you’re used to the stimulants and doses that are in Outlift Concentrate, be careful with the dosing. We found that bang on a level scoop was perfect for us, however, we did sample a little more. With a slightly rounded scoop, we didn’t find it added any more energy or focus but did give us a light dose of the jitters.