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Pandy family gets peach and lemon flavored Sunny Shakers

Pandy Sunny Shakers

Pandy is a European supplement company that makes incredibly delicious and almost unbelievable zero sugar protein gummies. Up until now it’s had three different variants available with Salty Kettlebells, Soda Shakers, and our personal favorite Sour Plates.

The creative Pandy has now added a fourth option to its lineup with its second shaker shaped gummy, Sunny Shakers. Unlike the original Soda Shakers which combine two flavors lime and cola, Pandy’s Sunny Shakers have a more exotic mix of peach and lemon.

Each bag of the new Sunny Shakers provides the candy’s usual 16g of protein and less than a gram of fat for a total of 141 calories. You can also look forward to seeing the Pandy flavor on shelves in Europe very soon as stock has just arrived with its distributor in the area, Prometeus.

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