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Insane Labz new Quantum Protein Project powered by pea protein

Quantum Protein Project

Insane Labz long-awaited, first ever protein powder Quantum Protein Project is finally here with availability, a launch deal, and formula details. The details are what we’ve been waiting for, as all we previously knew about the supplement is that it’s some kind of protein powder.

Quantum Protein formula

Insane Labz Quantum Protein Project has, in fact, turned out to be a product that uses pea protein as its primary source of protein, not the usual whey protein. Each of its serving provides 20g of protein, 3g of carbohydrates with a gram of that fiber, zero fat, for a total of 96 calories.

Quantum Protein Project

To make Quantum Protein Project a little more different, on top of its pea protein the supplement has a few other ingredients as well. Insane Labz has also thrown in 350mg of EnviroQM alpha lipoic acid, B vitamins, 100mg of OxyGold fulvic acid for enhanced uptake, and a light 1.003g amino blend consisting of BCAAs, tryptophan, threonine, and phenylalanine.

Massive launch stack

You can now grab Insane Labz new Quantum Protein Project from its website at $49.95 for a full 30 serving tub in the one Chocolate flavor. While that isn’t too bad of a price, the brand does have a launch stack that’ll save you a whole lot more money.

Also now available from Insane Labz is the Quantum Protein Launch Deal, a combination of two tubs of Quantum Protein Project, Insane Creatine, and the brand’s new colostrum product Quantum Growth Project. The entire stack is valued at around $175 but costs only $99.95, saving you almost 40%.