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Metabolic Nutrition drops its relaxation and sleep formula Relaxitrol


As promised Metabolic Nutrition has unveiled its entirely new supplement today, on Wednesday the 11th of October. The name of the product is also Relaxitrol, just as we suspected based on the brand’s recent teaser image.

Sleep, relaxation and more

Much like its name implies, Metabolic’s new Relaxitrol is a relaxation supplement that also helps with sleep. Its complete list of effects include reduced anxiety, immune support, optimized testosterone and HGH output, boosted metabolism, improved recovery, and restoration of healthy sleep patterns.

Non-transparent formula

Moving on to the mix of ingredients Metabolic has decided to go with for Relaxitrol, they do unfortunately all come wrapped up in a single proprietary blend. What that means is we don’t get the exact doses for any of the ingredients, just the total weight of them all.


As for the ingredients used in Relaxitrol, it features gotu kola, tryptophan, magnesium aspartate, mucuna pruriens, GABA, theanine, zinc aspartate, melatonin, and black pepper. Altogether the ingredients weigh in at 566mg per capsule, with the maximum serving being three capsules, which would bump that blend total up to 1.698g.

Free relaxation mask

You can now get your hands on Metabolic Nutrition’s new Relaxitrol directly through its website at $29.99 for a full 60 capsule bottle. That’s enough for at the least 20 good night’s sleep, or as many as 60 with a single capsule serving. Currently, the brand is also throwing in a free Relaxitrol sleep mask to help make your nights even more relaxed.