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4+ Nutrition introduces Ciao! Its Italian flavored protein bar

4 Plus Ciao

4+ Nutrition does have quite a few creative, edible products available including the Protein Tortino, Oreo style Double Cookie, and more recently its chocolate block Protein Choco Fit. This week the Italian brand has introduced something a little more traditional, although still unique in its own way.

The latest from 4+ Nutrition is a protein bar, something it does already have quite a few of in its line. The new bar is called Ciao! Which is filled with rice crispies and according to the brand, sets itself apart by coming in a variety of favorite Italian flavors.

Each bar weighs in at a compact 50g and is powered by 18g of protein from a blend of whey protein and calcium caseinate. You then have 23g of carbohydrates with a relatively high 11g of that sugar, 8g of fat (half saturated), and a total of 235 calories.

As you can see, the 4+ Ciao protein bar has an almost typical nutrition profile, but as mentioned it is its flavors that make it different. The options it comes in are Pistachio, Limoncello, a famous Italian lemon liqueur, and Caffe Espresso.

Local fans can already get all three of 4+ Nutrition’s new Ciao protein bars through its Italian online store. The price on the product is €45 ($52.19 USD) for a box of 18 bars, which works out to exactly €2.50 per bar.