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SteelFit launches its complex amino formula Steel Fuel

Steel Fuel

Earlier in the year SteelFit said it would be expanding its line of supplements into more mainstream type formulas. Over the past few months we’ve seen it do just that introducing its stimulant free fat burner Steel Core and testosterone booster Steel Hard.

This week SteelFit continues that mainstream growth with something almost every company out there has, an amino product. The latest from the brand is called Steel Fuel which features a handful of amino acids along with a few other ingredients to help with endurance, recovery, muscle growth, and hydration.

The formula behind SteelFit’s new Steel Fuel is relatively complex, featuring a little more than your typical BCAAs. Each serving of the supplement packs the usual 5g of 2:1:1 ratio BCAAs, as well as a gram of citrulline malate, 300mg of glutamine, a gram of taurine, electrolytes, 150mg of glycine, and 250mg of coconut water.

Like with all of the releases we’ve seen from SteelFit this year, its new Steel Fuel is available first through its website at A full tub will cost you $29.95, with the amino competitor coming in three different 30 serving flavors, Watermelon Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, and Grape Soda.